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Multiprovisioning after commit - old UID

Added by Vít Švanda almost 3 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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If more provisionings for same account are starting in same transaction, then all this provisionings are executed after commit the main transaction. This is very usefull behavior.
Problem occures, when UID in are changed in first provisioning. Next provisionig have old system entity UID and next provisioning is executed against wrong UID (account).


#1 Updated by Vít Švanda almost 3 years ago

Temporally solution: If is system entity not found after connector called, then we try found system entity by UID returned from the connector.

Main fix may by this: We have to update system entity UID in provisioning operation, before provisioning will be started. Maybe only adding ID of system entity to provisioning operation will be sufficient (and using him instead systemEntityUid in String).

#2 Updated by Ondřej Kopr almost 3 years ago

Thanks for temporary solution, for current project system and his behavior this solution work awesome. Thanks for that.

#3 Updated by Vít Švanda over 2 years ago

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I refactored provisioning operation for use system entity id instead system entity UID.
  • System entity is loaded directly by ID (not by UID) now.
  • Provisioning archive still contains only UID in String (does not have relation on the SystemEntity entity).

#4 Updated by Vít Švanda over 2 years ago

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- I solved problem with not updated UID value in Provisioning operation. This occurred when was two and more provisioning operations in the queue and when first provisioning (traged system) changed UID of the account. Next provisionings in the queue was wrong (old) value of UID. This was fixed (provisioning operation has relation on the system entity now).

- Beware - before update we recommand solve/cancel all active provisioning operations. We need to create new column "system_entity_id" and remove old "system_entity_uid". In the change script we will try transform data in the provisioning operation table (from string uid to the ID), but it may not be fully sucessfuly.

- Commit:

#5 Updated by Ondřej Kopr over 2 years ago

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I tested this behavior on scripted sql system, thanks for flyway transform script.

I change uid in create script and then return back, Identifier in system in Provisioning operations log was changed. And next operations is doing for newly created entity.

Thanks you for you changes.

#6 Updated by Vít Švanda over 2 years ago

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