• CzechIdM

    The seventh version of CzechIdM based on technologies:

    Backend (java):
    • jdbc db (primary PostgreSQL)
    • Hibernate ORM
    • Spring (data, data rest, hateoas, security, integration)
    • Activiti (workflow)
    Frontend (javascript)
    • React
    • Redux
    • ca

      Certificate Authority

    • License

      License Management Module - register, count and report licenses usage in specific aplications

    • openam

      The module enables OpenAM authentication and Single-Sign-On to CzechIdM. It also provides REST endpoint for retrieving users' OpenAM attributes.

    • reg

      CzechIdM Self-Registration module

    • scim

      CzechIdM SCIM 2 server

    • sms

      Sms gateway for CzechIdM.

Also available in: Atom