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08:13 AM CzechIdM Task #1405 (New): Modify Workflow sync Ldap groups
In workflow change default validity of roles assigned based on membership in LDAP to null and assigne this membership...


10:52 AM CzechIdM Task #1373 (New): Add contains comparison to automatic roles with attribute
I want create automatic rule on String attribute in case if this attribut contains substring
e.g. attribute titleB...


07:22 AM CzechIdM Task #1336 (Closed): Release of version 9.2.2
I did test scenarios and i did not have found a bug.
Thank you for new version.


12:26 PM password-reset Task #965 (Needs feedback): Add password prevalidation support to password reset module
the issue has been removed in core module, so I updated password reset module.
I tested this modification and it is ...


06:23 AM CzechIdM Task #1300 (Closed): Release (and testing) of version 9.2.0
I tested new version 9.2.0
I read documentation, try and write new test scenario.
I did not found any bug. Just n...


01:13 PM CzechIdM Task #1271 (Closed): Allow redirect/copy notification
I looked on this implementation, it looks nice.
I tested this feature and it is working nicely
I wrote some documen...


01:37 PM CzechIdM Task #1258 (Closed): Add to notification configuration disable option
I checked your implementation and it works, Thank you.
I wrote documentation:


08:46 AM CzechIdM Task #1258: Add to notification configuration disable option
oh, sorry my bad, that script was ment for postgres... i somehow misplaced this..
So i fixed this and created flyway...


08:11 AM CzechIdM Task #1193 (Needs feedback): Redesign displaying messages for password policies
ok so I resolved issues from last feedback, I removed raw html even in validation message.
Special and forbidden cha...


07:46 AM CzechIdM Task #1266 (Needs feedback): Add filter by date to VS requests and requests in audit agendas
I added this component to FE o this two agendas, I updated filters and controller's toFilter methods and wrote filter...

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