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11:18 AM CzechIdM Task #1629 (New): Show planned repeat task in scheduled tasks also as word description
I suggest to display repeated task also as sentence description or show another two planned starts instead of one for...


07:36 AM CzechIdM Task #1562 (Needs feedback): Cron gui component
This component can transfer simple repeated task request to cron expression, which you can see in the visualisation i...


10:52 AM CzechIdM Defect #1541 (Resolved): Changed ID of workflow for AD groups synchronization


12:23 PM CzechIdM Task #1563 (New): Scheduled start of cron
Add possibility to schedule first start of cron
12:21 PM CzechIdM Task #1562 (Needs feedback): Cron gui component
Component will receive information about required repetition which will be transformed by this component to cron expr...
12:19 PM CzechIdM Task #882: Scheduler - configure scheduled starts by calendar
After discussion with Radek we came with decision to solve this feature as two tasks:
1) GUI component where you ca...


01:46 PM CzechIdM Defect #1542 (Closed): Link to cron expression example website is not working
Needs to be fixed asap!
09:24 AM CzechIdM Defect #1541 (Resolved): Changed ID of workflow for AD groups synchronization
From version 8.2.0 there is WF with ID "syncRoleAd", name "Synchronization - Roles from LDAP" and file name "syncRole...


02:31 PM CzechIdM Defect #1350 (New): Provisioning fails on password generation when forbidden characters are added...
CzechIdM version: 8.2.0
Connected system: AD
Mapped attribute __PASSWORD__ for provisioning
Password policies co...


08:44 AM CzechIdM Defect #1201 (Closed): Reconciliation with default role creates duplicit links to account
IdM version 8.1.2
I removed all roles before sync.
Rekonciliation config:
We need to import DN from AD => not link...

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