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10:54 AM CzechIdM Task #1669 (New): How to use WinRM connector together with AD connector
Create design how this behavior can be achieved. And make some prove of concept
The main use case is to use AD conne...


11:20 AM CzechIdM Defect #1571 (Closed): Name of automatic role is cleared after parameter is added
Step to reproduce:
1-go to automatic roles and add new automatic role based on attribute
2-type some text into fiel...


02:48 PM CzechIdM Defect #1549 (New): Multiple accounts on system after sychronization
Use case:
I have AD system with provisioning mapping(identifier is username) and synchronization mapping(identifier ...


09:25 AM CzechIdM Task #1537 (New): Upload profile picture from IE or Edge not working
When you try upload profile picture from IE or Edge, when you click to "Ořezat a uložit" nothing happen.
In browser ...


08:36 AM CzechIdM Task #1536 (Closed): "Eye" on password field - user can see entered password
Implement "eye" icon for password field. So when user want to log in, he can display entered password.


12:02 PM CzechIdM Feature #1535 (Closed): Make link for help for password more visible
Current solution is not very visible.
It will be better to make the whole text clickable. See picture below.


08:28 AM CzechIdM Defect #1441 (Closed): Synchronize same structure to more organization structures will not create...
Wrong behavior, when you want synchronize same organization structure to more organization structures. It will not cr...


07:33 PM password-reset Task #1304 (Closed): New version for core 9.x and support for reset by personal number
Thx for review. After your changes its works still corectlly.


08:18 AM CzechIdM Task #1345 (Closed): Support for validation skipping on userTask for decision
Thanks, ticket can be closed now.
08:18 AM CzechIdM Task #1348 (Closed): Add selectBox and task history components for userTask in WF
Thanks, ticket can be closed now.

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