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11:34 AM CzechIdM Task #1382 (Closed): Release of version 9.3.0
Version 9.3.1. released:
Scenarios will be tested a...
11:30 AM CzechIdM Revision d1a6642b (czechidmng): merge master
11:27 AM CzechIdM Revision f336d981 (czechidmng): New develop version 9.4.0-SNAPSHOT (FE+BE)
11:03 AM CzechIdM Revision f84b3938 (czechidmng): Release version 9.3.1 (FE+BE)
10:43 AM CzechIdM Defect #1399 (Closed): Automatic roles are removed when the contract primary position is changed
10:43 AM CzechIdM Defect #1396 (Closed): Last value from multivalued EAV cannot be removed


02:20 PM CzechIdM Task #1402: Read only contract detail is not fully readOnly
I forgot to load readOnly property from state (preseted by form).
12:29 PM CzechIdM Task #1369 (Closed): FE: Tree component - multi select, usage for role composition (business roles)
i fixed submit button on example content:
12:28 PM CzechIdM Revision 4d0861bd (czechidmng): #1369 example: fix submit button
12:25 PM CzechIdM Defect #1394 (Resolved): Create automatic role by manager doesn't set recursion type
I did review, it's nice, thx!

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