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01:30 PM CzechIdM Defect #1667 (Closed): Executed by in Audit is filled with "[SYSTEM]"
Release 9.6
Release Even for records created by a certain user only "[SYSTEM]" is displayed in Audit for Identity.


03:52 PM CzechIdM Task #1661 (Needs feedback): EAV update event should have "High" priority
Tested on 9.6.
When I update a value of an EAV from GUI the event of type "EAV_SAVE" is created with "Normal" priori...


05:01 PM CzechIdM Task #1592 (Closed): Use new Tree component to select Superior element
In organization detail you still have to use the old select box for "Superior element" item. Please change it to the ...
12:49 PM CzechIdM Defect #1589: Value of a role attribute can't be deleted
Please fix this bug for 9.5.x.


12:38 PM CzechIdM Defect #1572 (New): Logon attempts exceeded with SSO
version: 9.2
In my IDM environment I have SSO on and I have set unsuccessful logon attempts limit. I have Active Dir...


05:25 PM CzechIdM Feature #1550 (New): Show account detail in v.s. DELETE task
It would be really useful if an administrator of a virtual system was able to view a detail of the account to be dele...


09:51 AM CzechIdM Task #1279: Send old value to transformation script
This would be very usefull. I have another case where would this feature help a lot.


10:38 PM CzechIdM Feature #1393 (In Progress): Filter empty provisioning attempts in archive
Please add a feature to filter out all empty (= no attribute to be provisioned) provisioning archive.
In environment...


01:21 PM CzechIdM Task #1389: Check box "Throw only NOTIFY event" doesn't say what it does
Well, I don't want to remove the checkbox, I just want it to have a meaningful (from admin's view) caption. Or is it ...
12:53 PM CzechIdM Task #1389: Check box "Throw only NOTIFY event" doesn't say what it does
The sentence in wiki "NOTIFY event process for example recalculation of automatic role, account management and etc." ...

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