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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
1291CzechIdMTaskResolvedHighRecalculate contract slices after synchronization of slices, before HR processesOndřej Kopr01/17/2019 05:53 PM
1456CzechIdMDefectNeeds feedbackNormalEndless loading on system entity detailRadek Tomiška01/17/2019 05:28 PM
1434CzechIdMTaskResolvedNormalNon-responsive Entity field and magnifying glass (Missing method getHelpBlockLabel for attribute enums)Ondřej Kopr01/17/2019 03:25 PM
1437CzechIdMTaskResolvedNormalSelectBox component - use embedded dataVít Švanda01/17/2019 11:18 AM
1454CzechIdMFeatureNewNormalPermissions for non logged user (questRole)Radek Tomiška01/17/2019 09:42 AM
1449regDefectIn ProgressHighForm attribute is searched in all definitionPeter Šourek01/17/2019 09:29 AM
1440CzechIdMDefectNeeds feedbackNormalFilter for identities by tree node recursively doesn't count with tree typeOndřej Kopr01/17/2019 08:57 AM
1268CzechIdMTaskNeeds feedbackNormalImprove the AD group synchronization workflowVít Švanda01/17/2019 08:56 AM
1405CzechIdMTaskNeeds feedbackNormalModify Workflow sync Ldap groupsVít Švanda01/17/2019 08:56 AM
1423CzechIdMDefectNewNormalFE: Dashboard - identity contractsRadek Tomiška01/17/2019 08:55 AM
1414CzechIdMTaskNeeds feedbackNormalRole subdefinition for assigned role attributesRadek Tomiška01/17/2019 08:49 AM
1299CzechIdMFeatureNeeds feedbackNormalSoD: Mutual incompatibility of roles in CzechIdMVít Švanda01/17/2019 08:48 AM
1453regFeatureNewNormalIn documentation missing configuration options01/16/2019 11:47 AM
1450regDefectNewNormalIs not possible self registrate without defined username in EAVPeter Šourek01/16/2019 08:05 AM
1448regFeatureNewLowHints for new password are shown even password fields doesn't existPeter Šourek01/15/2019 04:22 PM
1451regTaskNewNormalAllow use core feature generators during selfregistration01/15/2019 04:21 PM
1447regDefectNewNormalConfiguration error doesn't show propertyPeter Šourek01/15/2019 04:21 PM
1446regDefectNewNormalRegistration module show about site without permissionPeter Šourek01/15/2019 04:21 PM
1444CzechIdMTaskNewNormalCodeList: support multi selectRadek Tomiška01/15/2019 09:33 AM
1443CzechIdMTaskNewNormalAdd column with role-attribute values (on ConceptRole and IdentityRole table)Vít Švanda01/11/2019 02:17 PM
1424CzechIdMTaskNewNormalCodelist: support level, icon and description parametersRadek Tomiška01/11/2019 01:16 PM
1422CzechIdMTaskNewNormalFE: Dashboard - identity accountsRadek Tomiška01/11/2019 01:16 PM
1421CzechIdMTaskNewNormalFE: Dashboard - event queueRadek Tomiška01/11/2019 01:16 PM
1420CzechIdMTaskNewNormalFE: Dashboard - provisioning queueRadek Tomiška01/11/2019 01:16 PM
1416CzechIdMTaskNewNormalFE: Dashboard - "quick" buttons registration support Radek Tomiška01/11/2019 01:16 PM
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