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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
1337ArchetypeDefectNeeds feedbackNormalIn tests properties doesnt work apache velocity macroPatrik Stloukal10/24/2018 08:22 AM
1231ArchetypeTaskNeeds feedbackNormalAdd default .gitignore file to module skeleton (improve maven module archetype)Patrik Stloukal10/24/2018 08:23 AM
1487caTaskNewNormalDashboards for certificate and zero resultsOndřej Kopr02/01/2019 08:33 AM
1061caDefectNewLowUploaded CSR file isn't validatedOndřej Kopr04/05/2018 02:02 PM
937caTaskNewNormalProvisioning for certificatesVít Švanda02/01/2019 08:01 AM
751caTaskIn ProgressNormalCAW - migrate readme to the wikiPetr Fišer11/01/2017 07:48 AM
749caFeatureNewNormalCAW - the caw should return CA distinguished namePetr Fišer10/11/2017 08:31 AM
748caTaskNewNormalCAW - drop PKCS11 defaultPetr Fišer10/11/2017 08:28 AM
747caTaskNewNormalCAW - improve PKCS11 config documentationPetr Fišer10/11/2017 08:26 AM
1576CzechIdMTaskNewNormalUpdate monitoring and backup strategyPetr Fišer03/25/2019 07:07 PM
1575CzechIdMTaskIn ProgressNormalOptimalization of role-requests (search, save)Vít Švanda03/25/2019 04:33 PM
1574CzechIdMTaskIn ProgressNormalRole deduplication process: result not quite expected Ondřej Kopr03/25/2019 04:43 PM
1573CzechIdMTaskNewNormalUser attributes not allowed in passwords - check for the delimitersOndřej Kopr03/25/2019 09:33 AM
1572CzechIdMDefectNewNormalLogon attempts exceeded with SSOOndřej Kopr03/21/2019 12:38 PM
1571CzechIdMDefectNewLowName of automatic role is cleared after parameter is addedVít Švanda03/21/2019 01:19 PM
1570CzechIdMDefectNeeds feedbackNormalTests for role deduplication and orderRadek Tomiška03/21/2019 02:40 PM
1569CzechIdMTaskNewNormalRedesign provisioning operation pageVít Švanda03/20/2019 08:21 AM
1568CzechIdMDefectNewLowDeleted dependent task - Fail in the task resultRadek Tomiška03/19/2019 01:10 PM
1567CzechIdMTaskNeeds feedbackNormalPropage parent event properties on the NOTIFY eventVít Švanda03/19/2019 01:16 PM
1566CzechIdMFeatureNewLowEav: Add form definition order for FERadek Tomiška03/19/2019 08:03 AM
1565CzechIdMTaskNewLowEav: Add warning, when main form definition is changedRadek Tomiška03/19/2019 07:30 AM
1563CzechIdMTaskNewNormalScheduled start of cronPetr Hanák03/18/2019 01:46 PM
1562CzechIdMTaskIn ProgressNormalCron gui componentPetr Hanák03/18/2019 01:46 PM
1561CzechIdMTaskNewNormalProvisioning table - rewrite FE bulk action to BERadek Tomiška03/18/2019 12:01 PM
1560CzechIdMTaskNewNormalTesting of the product (9.5.0)milus kotisova03/25/2019 02:58 PM
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