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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
1436CzechIdMDefectResolvedNormalScript IsRoleInCatalogue failsAlena Peterová01/11/2019 09:22 AM
1430CzechIdMDefectClosedNormalContract with highest "valid from" is returned as prime contractRadek Tomiška01/11/2019 01:15 PM
1425CzechIdMFeatureNewNormalSupport user-friendly name for systemsRadek Tomiška12/14/2018 01:57 PM
1413CzechIdMTaskNewNormalEAVs are deleted&created when updating a contract from a sliceVít Švanda12/12/2018 07:34 AM
1410CzechIdMTaskNewNormalGenerate unique email in the standard email generatorOndřej Kopr12/10/2018 11:44 AM
1396CzechIdMDefectClosedNormalLast value from multivalued EAV cannot be removedRadek Tomiška12/07/2018 10:43 AM
1392CzechIdMDefectClosedNormalAudit can't be viewed after retrying a password change or account createOndřej Kopr12/13/2018 02:08 PM
1388CzechIdMDefectClosedNormalPassword is not sent when retrying Create operationOndřej Kopr12/13/2018 02:09 PM
1384CzechIdMFeatureNewHighSupport "Password never expires"Ondřej Kopr11/20/2018 08:43 AM
1365CzechIdMDefectNewLowBusiness default role in synchronization creates 2 linksVít Švanda11/07/2018 11:23 AM
1339CzechIdMFeatureNewNormalNotification about errors during synchronizationOndřej Kopr10/24/2018 07:36 AM
1332CzechIdMDefectClosedNormalDelete all operations/entity events from the identity detail deletes also operations for other identitiesRadek Tomiška10/23/2018 10:57 AM
1331CzechIdMDefectClosedNormalRetry update operations that failed due to system unavailabilityRadek Tomiška10/23/2018 11:59 AM
1316CzechIdMDefectNewNormalSynchronizations of different systems cancel each otherVít Švanda10/12/2018 09:10 AM
1303CzechIdMDefectClosedUrgentRace condition in provisioning queue/executorRadek Tomiška10/15/2018 11:15 AM
1291CzechIdMTaskClosedHighRecalculate contract slices after synchronization of slices, before HR processesOndřej Kopr01/18/2019 07:20 AM
1290CzechIdMTaskClosedNormalSeparate processing of items in tasksRadek Tomiška10/26/2018 08:12 AM
1276CzechIdMDefectClosedNormalCannot manually link accountRadek Tomiška10/09/2018 11:55 AM
1274CzechIdMDefectClosedNormalCustom filter for synchronization - IcOrFilter uses AND for 3 argumentsVít Švanda10/05/2018 08:24 AM
1269CzechIdMTaskNewNormalInclude changes of EAVs of contracts in the audit of usersOndřej Kopr11/15/2018 10:33 AM
1265CzechIdMFeatureNewNormalSupport automatic roles by organization and by attributesOndřej Kopr09/24/2018 07:56 AM
1264CzechIdMTaskClosedNormalRevision of default settings of notificationsAlena Peterová11/20/2018 08:15 PM
1263CzechIdMDefectClosedNormalAutomatic role by attribute "workPosition" doesn't workRadek Tomiška10/05/2018 06:19 AM
1260CzechIdMFeatureNewNormalAllow to specify provisioning dependency for systems and operationsVít Švanda09/19/2018 02:37 PM
1256CzechIdMTaskNewNormalHrEndContractProcess processes future contractsRadek Tomiška09/18/2018 09:13 AM
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