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Filtering of audit log for entities - feedback

Added by Marcel Poul about 4 years ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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This ticket was originally part of the #387 ticket, but I struggle with it over and over again, so I separated it here.

Original post: "Audit -> Entity history - I cannot find out, what Entity ID in filtr mean. No matter what I type in, I always get "Filter isn't valid" error message. If it is for Entity column, then id is missing in filter. Otherwise Entity is missing."

Update: After some struggle, I was able to find out, that the entity ID is to be found in audit log again. There is audit log as the menu item of the User detail. So I am able to find it (very frustrating, but ) and use it - in case of IDENTITY only.

USECASE: I want to find all changes on role "New Role ABC". I would expect that I can filter on audit log for entities by some "Name" attribute or so. Instead I have to go to detail of the role and find the ID of the object - which is not in the GUI. The ID is in the URL. - really ugly workaround.

  • Show ID on all objects details or lists in IdM - this is workaround for me. I would prefer better filtering on audit
  • Filter on some key attribut of each entity (e.g. login for identities, Name for Role etc...)
  • Add separate log specific objects as Ondra did for Identites. That log would filter on name and find the object as well as EAV and relations with other objects...
  • any other solution proposal is welcome

Related issues

Related to CzechIdM - Task #447: Audit log - add filter for user, find relations, translate IDsClosed05/26/2017


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  • Related to Task #447: Audit log - add filter for user, find relations, translate IDs added

#3 Updated by Ondřej Kopr about 4 years ago

In ticket #447 is implemented FE agenda Audit for identities. This agenda has complex search, for username is find all identities and relations such as roles, contracts, accounts and etc. This feature will be implemented in future for another entities.

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Agenda of audits was improved in the meantime, so I'll try to summary solutions mentioned here:
- ad Show ID on all objects details or lists in IdM - System information can be shown on entity details, tables and all info components too (configurable by new identity profile) - quick links to audit are provided.
- ad Filter on some key attribute of each entity - When entity type is selected (e.g. identity or role), then codeable identifier can be used too (e.g. username, role code).
- ad Add separate log specific objects as for Identites - could be solved in new tickets.

Commit (include entity type + codeable filter decorator for audit table + filter help):

Could you please provide me a feedback?

Note: If new audit agendas are needed (e.g. for role), then it will be implemented in standalone ticket (and requirement).

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I did review and test. Audit filtering is more UX now (thanks combination of type entity and code).

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