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Identity contract expiration lrt throws Exception

Added by Patrik Stloukal 7 months ago. Updated 7 months ago.

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I reproduced this locally on new DB with IdM v 9.3.0
I made this steps:

- I create new user.
- and I create 2 roles - main, subordinate
- Then I create 'business role' - main as superior role and subordinate as subordinate role
- I change name of position of contract (that I can found it easier in DB)
- I add both roles to user
- user has 3 roles: main, subordinate and subordinate (the second through business role)
- in pgAdmin I set to user's contract valid till in past
- then I manually run IdentityContractExpirationTaskExecutor (to disable this user)
- IdentityContractExpirationTaskExecutor ends with EmptyResultDataAccessException

if IdentityContractExpirationTaskExecutor is started again it ends sucessfully (for this item), but with each EmptyResultDataAccessException lrt is stopped.


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I fixed long running tasks:
- IdentityRoleExpirationTaskExecutor
- IdentityContractExpirationTaskExecutor

Now business roles are removed correctly on the first attempt. I've added integration tests.


Could you do a feedback, please?

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Thanks for report and fix the issue. I tested exactly same behavior as is described in ticket and behavior with removing doesn't throw error. Nice.

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