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Entity event queue - support remove running events

Added by Radek Tomiška 8 months ago. Updated 7 months ago.

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Clear running event cache, when running event is deleted.
Removing event is used as standard operation.


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Support remove running events without server restart is implemented. Running events can be removed and event's owner is not blocked from another processing.
Note: The only way, how can be reproduced is to create some processor, which never ends - e.g. provisioning to target system without timeout (running event was removed correctly other ways).

I've improved default event configuration for the slightly speeding up event processing (~ 2x) and prevent to exhaust system resources:
  • Event executor core pool size uses CPU count + 1 as default. Was configured CPU count * 2 => too overload
    scheduler.event.executor.corePoolSize=<CPU count + 1> 
  • Set higher queue capacity - prevent to prepare events repetitively and use additional threads till maxPoolSize is exhausted.
  • prepared (created) events are not loaded, when the previously loaded events still running

The first two point can be configured without release is needed.

I've added:
  • new bulk action for executing account management for the selected identity - usable for testing or e.g. if some accounts are deleted manually and has to be created again. Available for system admins (SYSTEM_ADMIN permission)
  • re-save identity bulk action was hidden (will be removed in 10.x version) - new action for executing provisioning only was created.



Could you do a review please?

#3 Updated by Radek Tomiška 8 months ago

I've improved loading prepared events from queue for different owners. Running event owners are excluded from search => prevent to one owner with 100+ events in queue blocks events for other owner.


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For testing I use same behavior as you use in test. I try remove parents events, children events and from both sides it is working as I except. Simulate this problem is really hard (event simulate this in tests).

Also I tests some another magic with events, eq: generate hundrets of events and then remove all and etc.

Behavior with clean cache works correctly now.

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