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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
1624CzechIdMTaskIn ProgressImmediateDeduplication stress testsOndřej Kopr04/26/2019 02:29 PM
1623CzechIdMTaskIn ProgressNormalACM does not creates account for second systemVít Švanda04/26/2019 09:07 AM
1622CzechIdMTaskNeeds feedbackNormalEntity event queue - make batch size for event processing configurableVít Švanda04/26/2019 10:05 AM
1621CzechIdMTaskNewLowChange level on bulk action item for cancel / retry provisioningOndřej Kopr04/25/2019 10:23 AM
1620caDefectNeeds feedbackNormalRevocate certificate doesn't workRadek Tomiška04/25/2019 08:32 AM
1619CzechIdMTaskNewNormalFiltering of entities generate too many selectsRadek Tomiška04/26/2019 08:52 AM
1618CzechIdMDefectResolvedNormalProvisioning bulk action without filter doesn't workOndřej Kopr04/25/2019 08:48 AM
1617CzechIdMTaskIn ProgressNormalFE: Add filter on currently assigned roles and role request detailRadek Tomiška04/26/2019 08:52 AM
1616caTaskNeeds feedbackNormalSpecify reason for revoke certificate after identity leftRadek Tomiška04/26/2019 04:36 AM
1613CzechIdMTaskNewHighWorkflow detail call history process without superProcessInstanceIdOndřej Kopr04/26/2019 09:03 AM
1612CzechIdMTaskNewNormalAdd failed retry provisioning attemtps into archive.Radek Tomiška04/18/2019 08:37 AM
1611CzechIdMFeatureNewHighRemove workflow instance created by synchronizationOndřej Kopr04/26/2019 09:02 AM
1609CzechIdMDefectNewNormalFace type isn't show in attribute definitionOndřej Kopr04/26/2019 09:02 AM
1606CzechIdMFeatureNewNormalSupport confidential values in role attributesOndřej Kopr04/11/2019 01:40 PM
1604CzechIdMFeatureNewNormalBulk action IdentityAddRoleBulkAction set valid till and valid fromOndřej Kopr04/11/2019 12:07 PM
1603CzechIdMTaskNewNormalUpgrade version AD connectorPatrik Stloukal04/26/2019 08:53 AM
1601CzechIdMTaskNewNormalFE: Dashboard - "quick" button for execute account management and provisioningRadek Tomiška04/10/2019 10:50 AM
1600CzechIdMTaskNewNormalChange of algorithm mode in local confidential storage04/10/2019 07:55 AM
1599password-resetTaskNewNormalCheck password generate form04/10/2019 06:32 AM
1597CzechIdMDefectNeeds feedbackNormalAttribute mapping without defined script can be modified or deletedVít Švanda04/23/2019 07:09 AM
1593CzechIdMDefectNewNormalAddNewAutomaticRoleTaskExecutor run before IdmRoleTreeNodeDto was savedRadek Tomiška04/02/2019 10:35 AM
1591CzechIdMFeatureNewNormalShow roles attributes in the audit of users and audit of rolesOndřej Kopr04/01/2019 03:20 PM
1583CzechIdMTaskNewNormalNew testing environment - FakeSMTP03/27/2019 07:01 PM
1582CzechIdMTaskNewNormalNew testing environment - 389DS LDAP03/26/2019 03:15 PM
1581CzechIdMTaskNewNormalNew testing environment - MSSQLLuděk Urban04/02/2019 03:55 PM
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